Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Artic Beauty Kiwi (actinidia kolomikta)

A wonderful addition for edible landscape.This plant is the hardiest of all the kiwi vines.A very ornamental plant with striking variegated leaves,beautiful flowers in spring and small tasty fruits in early fall.Both male and female vines are needed for fruit.Only the female will produce fruit.The fruit is fuzzless about the size of a small grape and has a very intense kiwi flavor with a hint of mint.The vines usually start producing their first fruits within a few years.The flower buds are not very frost hardy so care should be taken to plant in an area that provides protection.Our plants have done very well when planted near the house foundation.The three female selections we planted have the biggest fruits for this variety.They are Hero, Emerald and the largest is Viktor.These vine are also more attractive to cats than catnip but usually when the roots have been freshly dug.The only time I have seen our cat rolling in the plant is when I was transplanting them.

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