Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cobb oven

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of going to our friends' house to cook homemade pizza in their cobb oven. The pizza tasted incredible and I was quite impressed with how fast and easy it was to cook the pizza. They described how they had made the oven and how they used the clay they dug up in their back yard. It was then I decided to build my own. A few days later I leveled off a spot in the bank out our front door. The kids had fun mixing the cobb. This was made from clay we gathered in the back yard and we also added sand, water and straw.
The oven was formed over a mound of sand. After the cobb was allowed to dry for a week we removed the sand and built a fire inside to finish hardening the clay mixture.
A roof was also built to protect the cobb from the weather. This will allow for a longer life of the oven. I also built a wire rack that i place near the inside peak to smoke fish/meats on while we get the oven heated up. It usually takes the wood fire about 45 minutes to heat up all that clay, but once it's hot, it stays hot for quite some time.
The oven is such a joy to cook in. We cook pizza in it at least once a week. We have also used it to bake breads, soft pretzels, cinnamon rolls and pies along with smoking salmon
The cobb oven was very easy to build and really cuts down on heating up the house during the summer. The pizza is usually done cooking in 2 minutes so care must be taken when cooking