Monday, August 6, 2012

Peento Peach

Peento, Peen To, Pan tao, Doughnut peach and Chinese flat peach are a few of the different names of this incredible sweet and tender peach. Last year I planted our first Peento peaches.We started with two different varieties, Sweetcap and Saturn and we added two more varieties this year, Tangos and tangos II. So far the Saturn peaches have ripened and my sons rated them as a 9.5 or better for flavor
The peento peach, like all peaches, is native to China but it has only been cultivated in the US since 1869
The flavor of this white fleshed peach, when tree ripened, is one of the sweetest I have ever had. The flesh melts in your mouth and is easily separated from the seed.The fruit is high in sugar with very little acid. There is little to no fuzz so these can be eaten without peeling. I really enjoy tree ripened fruit, but this can be a problem as wildlife of many sorts seem to enjoy the fruit also. Peaches can however be picked before fully ripe and allowed to ripen off the tree. The fruit will ripen better if allowed to remain at room temperature

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